I started tattooing in 1989 under the teachings of “Painless Paul Nelson”, the icon of Atlanta tattoo artists at  the original location of his world famous Ace Tattoo. Now I have come full circle and own the shop where I was apprenticed, renamed Cloud Dancer Tattoo.

I majored in art in college and am trained in many different artistic medias- printmaking, pottery and painting- however I enjoy meeting and working with people and the challenges that are inherent to working on the skin in a permanent, transformational way.

I am proficient in a variety of tattoo styles, excelling in the art of “stealing like an artist”- adapting other styles in an original way, so you can get the artwork you want in a style you want. However, I especially enjoy working in black and gray- although I do also love colorful nature themed tattoos.

My 29 years of experience will hopefully provide you with the professional expertise to give you a tattoo as unique as you..